Tip of the week
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 keyboard shortcuts to common tasks.

Here is a list of the most common keyboard shortcuts:

CONTROL-A: Selct all text for copying
CONTROL-B: Open the Organize Favorites dialog box
CONTROL-D: Immediately add the current page to your favorites
CONTROL-E: Open the search bar
CONTROL-F: Search for text on the page
CONTROL-H: Open the history bar
CONTROL-I: Open the favorites bar
CONTROL-N: New browser window
CONTROL-P: Print a web page
CONTROL-S: Save a web page to disk
CONTROL-W: Close the current browser window

ALT-D: Select the address bar
ALT-Left Arrow: Go back
ALT-Right Arrow: Go forward
ALT-F4: Close Internet Explorer
ALT-Home: Visit the home page

TAB: Move focus to the next link
ENTER: Select the current link
UP: Scroll up in the current webpage
DOWN: Scroll down in the current webpage
PAGE UP: Scroll up one page
PAGE DOWN: Scroll down one page
HOME: Move to the top of the current webpage
END: Move to the end of the current webpage

ESC: Stop loading the current page

F1: Help
F5: Refresh the current page
F11: Full Screen Mode

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